Vizliter Bluetooth Speakers Crystal Ball LED Light Preserved Fresh Flower with Wood Base Night Light Purple Carnation

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  • Purple carnations are an interesting one as they symbolise capriciousness. If you have an impulsive or unpredictable friend or family member, then purple carnations are perfect to send before their next big adventure! When giving them to others, they’re quite a neutral flower. They don’t evoke romance like red flowers, nor do they highlight innocence like white flowers. They’re therefore a very versatile gift that can be given to friends, family, and partners. Purple carnations are also the best flowers to send if you're unsure on how your gift will be received.
  • This product is made from a fine selection of natural fresh flowers. After the flowers are specially processed, they are sealed in a high transparency crystal, preserving its natural beauty and vibrancy. As the flowers are naturally grown, color, shape and size of the flowers may vary in every product. Therefore each product is unique
  • The Base is made from beech wood, every base have unique wood textures. Crisp, balanced sound and unmatched bass for a bluetooth speaker its size, plays loud and clear with a wireless range of approximately 33 feet
  • The night light are stepless dimming and easy to operate, just short touch the button (without pressing) to turn light on/off and long touch the button to adjust the intensity of the light. Push the button down to get it ready for pairing, a voice prompt will indicate the Bluetooth speaker is on. Compatible with any smart phone, smart table, etc
  • Flowers are the perfect ingredient to spice up anyone’s day. However, there’s no doubt holidays are a popular time to send flowers to loved ones. It’s not a proper celebration if you don’t have flowers on hand. Our Bluetooth Speaker Crystal Ball Preserved Flower will be an unforgettable perfect gift. The perfect romantic stylish gift for every occasion like birthday, anniversary, romance, wedding, sympathy and more to put a smile on their face

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