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Great looking headphones at a better price

They have a fun and enjoyable sound while looking so stylish and are a excellent value

Lovely headphones for an affordable price!

It's been a bit of search trying to find quality wireless headphones for a reasonable price--but these headphones deliver! They're pretty and colorful without being flashy, the comfy ear pads don't squish my head, and they provide great sound quality. I also appreciate how straightforward the buttons and controls are; sometimes it feels like tech designers try to include every possible feature on their products, but not so for these headphones. They provide everything I want from a wireless headset: an on/off button, volume adjustment, and skip ahead/skip back buttons. Easy to understand and use! I can focus on what I'm listening to instead of worrying that I might accidentally call someone when all I want to do is turn the volume up.

Beautiful Headphones

I’m a straight young man. I bought these headphones because they were pretty. I love the color. I got many compliments. Nice bass. Nice volume. Nice sound. :) Nothing can go wrong.


Loved the design, did not know these sort of things existed. I use them for my incense sticks. They do emit a very high frequency when turned on, but it's a minor issue. The design is gorgeous and they are very well made. Definitely recommend as a gift or for yourself.

Love these

Great headphones and comfortable to wear. Worth the money and i love the galaxy design.

Love it!!

Quality Quality!! Ive ordered plenty of bracelets, this by far is the best! I was very impressed. Now Ive ordered every single one, I hope its the same quality! Happy customer for sure. Will update on my new orders!

Le look et le prix

A lextrieur cest parfait jaime le look et la couleur assez que jen ai recommand un autre merci vendeur

A lot better than I expected!

Alright. Usually I'm a bit too lazy to right reviews but I just gotta say these are great.
I have some higher quality pricier over the ear headphones and I keep reverting back to using these. They're light, comfortable, the battery life is great and they look awesome.
Plus I'm noticing the range of the Bluetooth seems to be better than my higher price headphones. I can leave my phone in my bedroom and be out in the living room and these stay connected while my higher price headphones seem to cut out at that distance.
Plus, these seem to sit on my head better than my more expensive headsets too.
Honestly I got these because they were a cheaper option at the time, but I still use these just about daily and only end up using my higher prices headphones while this set is charging.
This is by far the best headset I have.


Pretty. Worked initially. Good for music but not for working. After awhile my microphone would go in and out.

Works easily, however battery is not very strong

Shooter battery life about 30 lights them discharges 2 hour recharge.not too impressed

Battery dies pretty quickly.

My daughter got me this for Christmas at first I was hesitant in using it because it's pink but I didn't want to hurt her feelings, it works great specially in the wind and people have complemented me on what a cool lighter it is I just wish it wouldn't die so quickly.

Battery life?

Hello there I just bought the lighter like 2 days ago and I charged it the whole day yesterday and it's already dieing. My question is how often am I supposed to charge it and how long is it supposed to last?


I guess you can say that it works but it doesn't really..... only good for emergency use....

Pequea y comoda .

El producto funciona exelente si lo que quieres es menos bulto en tus pantalones . Guarda lo nesesario en eya . Targetas y dinero billetes. Exelente

Great gift

Got one for myself and one for my sister.great little gift especially when you're the type of person who looses lighters often. The only thing I'd, that it makes a bit of a sound. Other than great.

Charge needs to last longer.

Battery life could be longer. One charge does not last long. For someone who is a cigarette smoker, the charge doesn't last a whole day. It is easy to use, but there is a risk of being shocked if you're not careful. The look of this lighter makes is a great gift. More of a collectable item and for occasional use.

Ear Killer. Just Meh.

The lighter works for paper or candles but dont try to light a cigarette or anything similar. The sound of the lighter is god awful and makes my dogs and I freak out every time I have to light a candle. High pitch and loud, literal ear murder. The design on the lighter is cute though and doesnt come off with excess handling.

Came with scrapes but still happy with product

Supposed to be brand new and while
It was packaged as brand new it had scrapes and nicks on it as I showed In the pics. I dont feel like going through the process of exchanging it though and to be fair, its a delicate product and easy to scrape and damage. Other than that, what you see is what you get. I couldnt decide between the pixie and the unicorn and I knew whatever one I got I would have wished I got the other one lol how do you choose between pixies and unicorns!

Best wallet Ive ever had!

Easy access. Its the best wallet that Ive ever had and the price is perfect!

Silver Snake Skull
,Roberth G.


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