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  • A handy lighter is definitely one of the most essential tools that come to your rescue at all times! Whether you go camping or you are at home, Our lighter is one of the handy equipment That promises to be your friend forever. Versatile, these type of electric lighters are those compact tool that fits into your pocket easily and has tons of uses. In fact, going camping without a lighter would be a complete nightmare! grilling or just lighting a fire
  • Our Elegant lighters are electrically operated, environmentally friendly and perfect as an outdoor lighter, candle lighter, BBQ lighter, wedding celebration utility, fireplace starter, and emergency fire starter tool. With various designs and colors, a stylish plasma lighter can make you stand out in your group. Impress your friends. It Makes a great gift!
  • Windproof Splash proof - flameless so it's unaffected by wind or water. Use it under any conditions; rain, snow, etc. You don’t have to cup your hand tightly or find a sheltered location to use it. Hence, they are easy to use
  • Redesigned Powerful Super Arc Lighter, Fire Ball Arc, Rechargeable. Unlike regular lighters, Vizliter lighters don’t produce a flame, it uses a high voltage between closely placed electrodes creating a Super Electric Arc

    Customer Reviews

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    Battery life?

    Hello there I just bought the lighter like 2 days ago and I charged it the whole day yesterday and it's already dieing. My question is how often am I supposed to charge it and how long is it supposed to last?

    Prettier than expected

    The charge stays for days. It is prettier than the picture.

    Trs beau

    Trs beau

    Windey ogles
    Good investment

    I've had it for a while now and it works perfect

    Steve Miller
    This lighter is amazing. Lights under windy conditions. I'm glad I found it.

    Besides is being a great lighter, I like the fact it's re-chargable so no petroleum is used. It's attractive too. Everyone asks to see it. It doesn't take long to recharge either.

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