Vizliter Dual Arc Electric Lighter Blue Dream Catcher

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  • Elegant - Usb cable and Beautiful Gift Box included. Impress your friends. Makes a great gift!
  • Rechargeable, You Can Use Again and Again, Economic and Eco-Friendly.
  • Windproof Splashproof - flameless so it's unaffected by wind or water. Use it under any conditions; rain, snow, etc.
  • Uses technology that reaches points hotter than fire.
Elegant Slick Design USB Rechargeable Electronic Lighter The newest lighter, with charm metal case can light up. 300 times when charge fully, and can be charged by power bank, computer and any other USB port, very easy to use. Top grade gift for friends and familiars who uses lighters often 360°unobstructed, unlimited by the narrow neck, new design lighter could be used on daily activities and more like camping, kitchen, candles, firepits, incense and etc. MultiCut carving across the front of an Armor Blue Dream Catcher Chrome lighter brings this beautiful design to life. Package Included: 1 x USB Rechargeable Lighter, 1 x USB Cable.

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I guess you can say that it works but it doesn't really..... only good for emergency use....

Ear Killer. Just Meh.

The lighter works for paper or candles but dont try to light a cigarette or anything similar. The sound of the lighter is god awful and makes my dogs and I freak out every time I have to light a candle. High pitch and loud, literal ear murder. The design on the lighter is cute though and doesnt come off with excess handling.

,Nicholas Joseph
Nice lighter

Works nice

Works great!

I love the look of this lighter - color, design and size. It fits nicely in your hand and will light a candle outdoors in the wind. No fuel issues of a regular lighter. Im 100% sold on these electronic arc lighters. Not a smoker, so cant review how they work there, but for my use, they are wonderful.

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