Dual Arc Electric Lighter Blue Hamsa Hand

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  • Elegant - USB cable and Beautiful Gift Box included. Impress your friends. Makes a great gift!
  • Rechargeable You Can Use Again and Again, Economic and Eco-Friendly.
  • Windproof Splash proof - flameless so it's unaffected by wind or water. Use it under any conditions; rain, snow, etc.
  • Uses technology that reaches points hotter than fire.

Elegant Slick Design USB Rechargeable Electronic Lighter The newest lighter, with charm metal case can light up. 300 times when charge fully, and can be charged by power bank, computer and any other USB port, very easy to use. Top grade gift for friends and familiars who uses lighters often 360 degree unobstructed, unlimited by the narrow neck, new design lighter could be used on daily activities and more like camping, kitchen, candles, firepits, incense and etc. MultiCut carving across the front of an Armor Blue Hamsa Hand Fatima Talisman Chrome lighter brings this beautiful design to life. Package Included: 1 x USB Rechargeable Lighter, 1 x USB Cable.

Customer Reviews

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Great design

Love it. Wind resistance is great.

Pretty good.

Don't like it to stay on. Like everything else about it.

Barnard Hewitt
Happy for now

She loves the way it looks. So many of these die quickly, but we will see very pleased right now

Jessica Correa
Its alright, could be better tho

I like the look and feel. Just wished you can turn it on and off by the button.. vs having to close it and reopen it to start on.

Pretty, but not my favorite

It's really pretty and lights things just the way it should, but it's weirdly loud. Makes a pretty screechy sound, and you might be able to get used to it, but I found it a bit disturbing. I checked with my family, my brother, who's my age, could hear it, but my mom couldn't, so it's a pretty high frequency that may or may not bother depending on your age/hearing. Also, the button turns it on, but releasing it doesn't turn it off. It automatically shuts off after a while, but then I have to flip the top closed and reopen to re-light it.
No idea about the battery life since I haven't used it enough. To be clear, I've used one other electric lighter before, and it didn't have these problems, so it's not a problem all electric lighters have.
I hope that helps someone, but I'm sorry I couldn't be more positive about it :/

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